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Lay the foundation for a life of service and leadership. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive program that equips you with knowledge, skills, and unwavering faith. Become a beacon of inspiration and catalyst for transformation in the lives of others.

Share your story and inspire the world. Transform your manuscript into a beacon of hope and touch the hearts of others. Receive expert guidance and support throughout the publishing process, from editing to marketing. Leave a lasting legacy and empower others with your unique voice.

Unveil the whispers of your soul through a personalized artistic journey. Discover hidden aspects of your being and receive a tangible reminder of your divine purpose. Explore your inner landscape, ignite your creativity, and embrace the transformative power of art and revelation.

I offer a mentoring service have worked in fields of counseling and taught classes for over twenty years. Healing provision for the part of well being and knowing that perception and knowing at times in life we can become entrapped, confined and many at this time are holding huge levels of grief in their bodies and over the masses. You can receive insight and turn area of hurt and pain into Joy and Rejoicing. There is process to unfold and I work with you to fulfill and activate change. There are several levels I offer sessions either one to one or group work. Classes on live stream. Looking at your life and teaching a different approach to those repeated belief exposure patterns, experiences, and outcomes through your family are entrenched in finding the Roots cause in your now and leading you to your rising to your full potential. Power in finding you, empowering your now to be the Greatness that is in you. I offer a two-hour session working with you, online service exploring spiritual roots and physical boundaries that can hinder your true self. Looking to the power of the word. There is a current supply that is going to heal brokenness and fractured parts of the Soul, bringing you to find just who you are. And just imagine knowing your identity, teaching individual insight into your true potential, looking at the process of unfoldment, what needs to change!! Battle field of the Mind and how to know how to break those repeated unproductive beliefs. A Light Bulb moment of clarity and a solution that shifts mountains that have blocked you from witnessing the Greatness that is in you!! I also offer a painting to be included with your two-hour session for £35. You can book an appointment or send an email for an appointment.

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I have known Apostle Janette Marie for many years. Glory Carriers International. Teachings and Ministry biblical based. Sound Doctrine. I have known her as she teaches and mentors many people over the years and takes you on a deeper level exploring other levels that make one go higher. Blessed in all that Christ is doing in you and those who will be Blessed in all the Works of the Lord. Thank you

– Tayah Elizabeth (Africa)